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These Product Return Instructions are applicable only to products ordered from and/or delivered to outside the European Union (“EU”)

It is important for us that you are satisfied with your order. If the product does not meet your expectations, you can, within 14 days from its receipt, return it by following these Product Return Instructions. You are required to provide written proof of date of receipt of product. Inform our Customer service always about product returns by either sending an email to info@bypias.com or by telephone +358 50 361 4232 on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. (GMT+2).

It is the responsibility of the Customer to pay the return shipping costs.

It is also the responsibility of the customer to claim from relevant local authorities for the refund of any Import Costs paid in connection with the import of the returned products. Import costs, include but are not limited to, customs duties, administrative fees, sales and other taxes levied by their respective local authorities (“Import Costs”).

You are required to notify of product returns by using the Product Return Form received in connection with the product delivery, attach the completed Product Return Form to the original package together with the returned products, pay the related return shipping costs and follow, in addition to these instructions, any additional instructions received in connection with your product delivery.

The Product Return Form can also be found here.

In order for us to be able to enhance our customer service, it is very important that you provide the cause for the product return in the Product Return Form by using the number codes given therein.

Always aim to return products in one installment. If your products are delivered in several partial deliveries and you wish to return a product, which has been delivered in such partial delivery, please contact our Customer Service info@bypias.com to receive further instructions for your product return.

Return address:

Lautamiehentie 1c
02770 ESPOO

Arrange for the product return and ask for a receipt in respect of your product return. Remember to save the receipt until you have received a confirmation from our Customer Service regarding the receipt of your returned product. We do not refund products lost during the return delivery unless the customer can present a receipt for the product return.

Product changes are not available. If you wish to change your product e.g. to another size or color, return the product in accordance with the Product Return Instructions and then make a new order for the desired product on our Website.

Please note that it may take 1-2 weeks or even longer for international return deliveries to reach our Customer Service. You will always be notified through email after the receipt of your return delivery. Our Customer Service will then arrange for the refund of the sales price of your product within a reasonable time.

Non-collection of delivery is not the same as product return! We will charge afterwards from customers any costs related to non-collected products. In the event you wish to cancel your order after it already has been shipped to you, you are first required to accept delivery of the products and then return the products by following these instructions.

In the event you have ordered a product custom-made for your size (as specifically mentioned in our web shop) or if you have ordered a product size in excess of XXL (which are always custom-made), you do have not the right to return such products, unless the said products have a defect. In the event you return a flawless custom-made product or product the size of which exceeds XXL, we will not refund the purchase price. It is the responsibility of the customer to claim from relevant local authorities for the refund of any Import Costs paid in connection with the import of the returned defective products as well to pay any Import Costs regarding new delivery of products in exchange of returned defective products.

Sometimes a product may, notwithstanding careful packaging, be damaged during shipping. Therefore, it is important to check the condition of the package together with the delivery officials already when receiving it. If the package has been damaged during shipping and if also the ordered products have been damaged, execute immediately a notice for damages and contact our Customer Service to agree on new delivery of products. Damaged products must be returned to BY PIA’S in accordance with these Product Return Instructions. BY PIA’S will refund shipping costs in relation to the return of damaged goods.

We withhold the right not to deliver products to a customer or to remove a customer from our Customer Register, in the event a customer materially and/or continuously infringes our Terms including these Product Return Instructions or other applicable terms, policies and instructions.

If the returned product is damaged, has been taken into use or otherwise is not suitable for resale, BY PIA’S is not liable to refund the whole purchase price.